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Exploring the power of microbes across environments.
Credit: Jessica Mark Welch
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Now part of The Microbiome Center of the University of Chicago, MBL, and Argonne National Laboratory, researchers at MBL participate in a variety of microbiome studies, exploring the fundamental principles that underlie the function of microbial systems in and with their environment. Building on research at scales ranging from the world’s ocean to the human gut and from diurnal rhythms in the rhizosphere to long term fluctuations in the microbiomes of marine organisms, identification of these principles will require cross-disciplinary science spanning genomics, microbiology, physiology, neurobiology, and ecology.

The MBL, with decades of research and education focused on microbiology, marine biology, evolution, and ecosystems science, provides a unique collaborative setting that capitalizes on its more than century-old convening power. In the context of its new strategic themes, the MBL will catalyze an innovative understanding of how microbiome dynamics relate to ecosystem and organismal function, with increasing implications for human health.

The Microbiome Center:

  • will be an intellectual home for researchers across the University of Chicago, the Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory to advance understanding of the identity and function of microbes
  • will support the scientists who are investigating fundamental questions and developing new applications and tools to understand and harness the capabilities of microbial systems across different fields
  • will capitalize on the significant activity already occurring across our institutions and our unique capabilities to enable coordinated and collaborative research

By leveraging world-class expertise and facilities, as well as expanding research and learning opportunities, scientists will have the opportunity to challenge new frontiers. The Center will support a dynamic research community, enable rapid translation to private and clinical sectors, and train a new generation of scientists able to take on fundamental questions about the microbiome.

Links to MBL scientists with major research programs on microbiomes can be found here.

The Microbiome Center joins researchers from across our three institutions to promote the discovery of microbes.

David Mark Welch, Director of the Josephine Bay Paul Center
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