MBL’s Program

The Biological Safety Officer at the Marine Biological Laboratory serves as a resource to investigators, staff, and students by providing safety training and guidance to laboratories working with hazardous biological materials.

Our staff works closely with the divisions of Research, Education as well as Veterinary Services to assist in minimizing risk of biological hazards to both laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment.


Biosafety Manual
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Select Agent Toxins Policy
Autoclave Standard Operating Procedures

Services and Responsibilities

  • Assists Principal Investigators in performing risk assessments and completing IBC protocol forms (upon request).
  • Advises laboratory personnel on biosafety matters.
  • Provides appropriate biohazard signage for posting in laboratories using biological agents.
  • Provides for disposing of biohazardous materials.
  • Through laboratory inspections, provides assistance with lab-specific research safety risk assessment, recommends safe laboratory procedures, advises regarding containment devices and equipment, and confirms regulatory compliance.


BioSafety Inspection Checklist

  • Prepares and provides basic biosafety training via classroom and web-based formats.
  • Responsible for overseeing testing and certifying equipment – including autoclaves and biosafety cabinets.

Contact Eric H. Jensen, Biological Safety Officer (BSO), 508-289-7424 or ejensen@mbl.edu with any questions related to biological safety.