The Laboratory Operations Department provides a wide variety of scientific equipment including microscopes and accessories, oscilloscopes, microfuges, power supplies, baths, shakers, incubators, and ovens. The department also has electronic components available such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, and connectors. Any unusual components not in stock can be ordered for quick delivery.

To see some available equipment and to reserve, please click here.

Qualified technicians can provide technical assistance in troubleshooting or repair of electronics, personal computers, and scientific equipment.

The Laboratory Operations Department also handles the ordering and delivery of all compressed gas cylinders, cryogenic gases and dry ice on campus. Please contact us at x7444 to place all cylinder and dry ice orders.

For further information contact the Laboratory Operations Department, located in Lillie 8C, at: (508) 289-7444 or Email Bill Haskins.

Balance Weights
Balance, Mechanical
Balance, Analytical
Balance, Top Loading
Bath, Circulating
Bath, Shaker
Bath, Small
Bath, Medium
Camera B&W CCD
Centrifuge, Hand
Centrifuge, Clinical
Centrifuge, Microfuge
Colorimeter, Spec 20
Counter, Hand tally
Cylinder Clamp
Dewar Flask
Dryer, Air
Function Generator
Getting Amplifier
Hot Plate
Hot Plate Stirrer
Incubator, CO2
Incubator, Small
Incubator, Medium
Lab Jack
Lamp, Dissection
Lamp, Fiberoptic
Lamp, UV Handheld
UV Transilluminator
LCD Monitor
Magnetic Base

Micrometer, Filar
Micrometer, Stage
Microscope, Dissection
Microscope, Stemi-2000
Stemi-2000 w/ C-mount
Microscope, Non-Phase
Microscope, Phase
Microscope, Inverted
Oscilloscope, Non-store
Oscilloscope, Storage
Oven, Medium
Oven, Vacuum
pH Meter w/o Probe
Power Supply, EC250
Power Supply 0-30V
Pump, Gast Vacuum
Pump, Manostat 1 ch.
Pump, Rainin 4 ch.
Refrigerators - ½ & Full Size
Regulator, Gas
Rotator, Cole Parmer
Shaker, Vortexer
Shaker, G-2
Slab Gel Dryer
Slide Warmer
Sonicator Bath
Stirrer, Magnetic
Test Tube Heater
Tilt Platform
Timer, Stopwatch