Allegations and Investigations

Allegations of general misconduct can be directed, in writing, to the Director of Human Resources, who will conduct a fair and impartial investigation and will ensure accountability and prompt, consistent action. Contact information is:

Director of Human Resources
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA  02543
Telephone: 508-289-7622

If unsure about making an allegation, the Director of Human Resources is available to discuss the issue in confidence.  Although every effort  will be made to maintain the confidentiality of the person making the allegation, confidentiality cannot be assured for a variety of reasons.  Therefore, no supervisor or manager should assure confidentiality.  Reports can be made anonymously.  However, it is often not possible to assure that such reports will receive the same consideration as those made by identified individuals.  The principal reason is that it is often necessary for the person investigating the problem to check certain facts with the person making the complaint, and if a report is made anonymously there is no way to verify such needed facts.

Suspicions of scientific misconduct (whether from MBL personnel or from others, including granting agencies) should be reported to the Director of the Laboratory, who will immediately initiate an inquiry to determine whether the facts warrant a formal investigation. This inquiry will be conducted by a small committee appointed by the Director, which will include individuals with the necessary and appropriate expertise to address the circumstances.

For further details about the investigatory process, see the specific MBL policy that applies to the allegation by viewing the MBL Policy Manual.