Maureen Conte

Dr. Maureen Conte is a Senior Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and a MBL Fellow at The Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory. She is also a Visiting Scientist in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences at Brown University. Originally calling Georgia home, Maureen received her B.A. in Geography & Environmental Engineering from Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University, and her M.A., M.Phil and PhD in Geology from the Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University. Her Ph.D. research investigated the biogeochemistry of particulate lipids in warm-core Gulf Stream ring systems (Gulf Stream eddies) as part of the multidisciplinary Warm Core Rings Study. She then spent five years in the U.K. as a postdoc and Research Fellow in the Organic Geochemistry Unit of the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol. There she conducted organic geochemical research in the North Atlantic as a part of the British component of the Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS), the European Union Emiliania huxleyi initiative (EHUX), and several paleoclimate programs. In 1994, she came to Woods Hole to take over the helm of the Oceanic Flux Program (OFP) time-series founded by WHOI scientist Werner Deuser.

Rut Pedrosa Pamies

Dr. Rut Pedrosa Pàmies joined our lab in October 2016 as a Postdoctoral Researcher, became an MBL Research Scientist in 2018, and an Assistant Research Investigator in 2022. Rut received her B.A in Environmental Science in 2010 and her M.S. in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management in 2011 from the University of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Her Ph.D investigated the biogeochemistry of both settling particles and surface sediments from the Mediterranean Sea, together with the meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic settings, to understand the structure and dynamics of the deep ecosystems and to reveal the atmosphere-driven oceanographic events playing a major role in the carbon cycle.

JC Weber

JC Weber has been Maureen’s research assistant since 1996 and is currently based at MBL’s Ecosystems Center. Originally from western PA, he got his B.S. in Marine & Freshwater Biology from the University of New Hampshire in 1993. During that time, he had the opportunity to partake in a range of biogeochemical research working in a diversity of ecosystems from New England salt marshes to the Antarctic dry valleys. He received his M.S. in Marine Science from the University of Delaware in 1995, investigating the cues (tactile and biochemical) triggering settlement and metamorphosis in mud crab larvae.

Chase Glatz

Chase Glatz joined the OFP team as a research assistant in November 2022. He graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Marine Science & Chemistry with a minor in Biology. While in Miami, Chase did his thesis research analyzing the phenolic monomers of the terrigenous biomarker lignin to determine if terrigenous organic matter was primarily from local or distal sources in the surface waters of South Florida.

Our group has always included high school laboratory assistants just beginning to explore their interest in science. These students from local high schools typically work with us part-time during the academic year and full-time during the summers.

Over the years, our research group has included undergraduate and graduate students working with the OFP time-series and other projects, and also early career Research Assistants (RA) who use their training with us to further their individual education and career paths. The RAs and students have greatly enhanced (both in intellect and personality!) our lab group and have made important contributions to our research.

The OFP Team Through the Years:

RA: Research Assistant, PD: Post-doctoral appointment, REU: NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates program student, SURF: Univ. Chicago Jeff Metcalf Summer for Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) student, PEP: Woods Hole Partnership in Education Program (PEP) student, HS: regional high school student

2013 - 2023
OFP 2013
2013: Jessica Freedman (REU), Tanner Cunningham (REU), Emily Maness (HS), Maureen Conte, James Little (HS), JC Weber
OFP 2014
2014: JC Weber, Emily Maness (HS), Maureen Conte, Shaunae Alex (SURF), Ben Siranosian (alumnus), Caroline Owens (at Valiela lab)
OFP 2015
2015: Leonard Shaw (SURF), Maureen Conte, JC Weber, Alice Carter (RA), Ben Siranosian (alumnus) & Jessica Freedman (alumnus) and Emily Maness (REU)
OFP 2016
2016: Leonard Shaw (SURF), Maureen Conte, JC Weber, Emily Maness (alumnus) and Mike Callahan (HS)
OFP 2017
2017: Maureen Conte, JC Weber, Emily Maness (alumnus), Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Sofie Rudin (RA), Franklina Yeboah (PEP), Johanna Holo (SURF), Mike Callahan (HS)
OFP 2018
2018: Jack Daigneault (HS), Maureen Conte, Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, JC Weber, Deshawn Adler (HS), Alana Thurston (RA), Emily DeFelippis (REU), Marianna Karagiannis (SURF), Geovanna Pereira (HS)
OFP 2019
2019: JC Weber, Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Maureen Conte, Deshawn Adler (HS), Becky Hopkins (REU), Annagh Devitt (SURF), Emily DeFelippis (RA)
OFP 2020
2020: Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, JC Weber, Becky Hopkins (RA) and Maureen Conte
Conte group photo 2021
2021: Becky Hopkins (RA), Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Maureen Conte, JC Weber
Conte Group Photo 2022
2022: Quinn Schwefler (HS), Maureen Conte, JC Weber, Kly Suquino (SURF), Marianna Karagiannis (RA), Rut Pedrosa Pàmies with newest addition Nora!
2023: JC Weber, David Wang (SURF), Chase Glatz (RA), Maureen Conte, Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Peter Tryby (HS)
2023: JC Weber, David Wang (SURF), Chase Glatz (RA), Maureen Conte, Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Peter Tryby (HS)  
2005 - 2012
OFP 2005
2005: Andy Gaylord (HS), JC Weber, Abbey Toltin (HS), Maureen Conte and Suilou Huang (PD).
OFP 2006
2006: Suilou Huang (PD), JC Weber, Maureen Conte, Andy Gaylord (REU), Abbey Toltin (REU), Jasmine Crumsey (REU) and Rachel Franzblau (HS).
OFP 2007
2007: Jean Fang (HS), JC Weber, Jeff Bolstridge (REU), Maureen Conte, Abbey Toltin (REU), Leah Houghton (RA) and Rachel Franzblau (HS)
OFP 2008
2008: Emma Pierce (HS), Greg Toltin (at WHOI), JC Weber, Jennifer Barkman (RA), Maureen Conte, Abbey Toltin (REU), Rachel Franzblau (HS) and Jean Fang (HS)
OFP 2009
2009: Greg Toltin (at WHOI), Abbey Toltin (REU), Rachel Franzblau (REU), Anna VanVoorhis (HS), Maureen Conte, Jean Fang (REU) & JC Weber
OFP 2010
2010: Abby Toltin (alumnus), Greg Toltin (at WHOI), David Koweek (RA), JC Weber, Marius Karolinski (HS), Ben Siranosian (HS), Rachel Franzblau (REU) and Maureen Conte
OFP 2011
2011: Ben Siranosian (REU), Marius Karolinski (HS), Jessica Freedman (HS), David Koweek (RA), JC Weber and Maureen Conte
OFP 2012
2012: Maureen Conte, Anika Aarons (REU), JC Weber, Jessica Freedman (HS) and Kenna Garrison (HS)