On behalf of the staff of the Office of Education we welcome you to the Marine Biological Laboratory. Please feel free to call on us if we can assist you as you perform your instructional and administrative duties. We hope that the information provided throughout this site will assist those of you who are new to MBL and also be a helpful reminder to those of you who are returning to MBL.

Getting Started

  1. All faculty, lecturers and staff must formally register themselves with the Marine Biological Laboratory in order to gain access to the services provided by MBL. These services include housing, meals, library and laboratory access, financial transactions (stipends, reimbursements, etc.) and computer accessibility. Please follow the Registration procedures as outlined here.
  2. Faculty and staff are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from MBL. Prior to doing so, individuals should read through the information and policies found in the Travel Information section to determine which expenses will be reimbursed by the MBL.
  3. Ordering of supplies and equipment for course use must be coordinated through the director(s) of your course or their designee. These are the only individuals who have the authority to purchase items for the courses. If you do not know who is handling the orders for your course, please contact the Office of Education for assistance.
  4. To familiarize yourself with the administrative and technical services provided at MBL such as the Mail Room, Shipping & Receiving, Computing Services, Digital Processing etc., please visit Campus Facilities and Resources.


  1. The MBL is a federal grant and contract recipient and, as a result of that status, must abide by certain federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to, non-discrimination laws, American with Disabilities Act, and Drug-Free Workplace Act. Reasonable accommodations will be made for any qualified individual with a disability. Please contact Courtney Buckley in MBL’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office with your request at 508-289-7422 or via e-mail at eeo@mbl.edu. Faculty and staff shall observe all rules, regulations, policies, procedures and security requirements of MBL concerning the safety of persons and property in and out of the laboratories. MBL polices to which the faculty and staff are subject include but are not limited to: Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Diversity; Sexual and Illegal Harassment; Violence Prevention; Alcohol Policy; and Smoke-Free Environment. For details see the MBL EEO Site.

Community Information

  1. We recommend that while at MBL you take advantage of the variety of events, lectures and children’s programs that are available to you and your family. Specific and current information on lectures and events may be obtained from the Communications Office. For information on children’s services at MBL and in the Woods Hole area, please click here.
  2. Please visit the Local Area Information webpage for information about local restaurants, shops, galleries, and events in the area.