Amoebas from the World

Project Organizers: Alex Song, Amaranta Kahn, Arthur Charles-Orszag, Fatma Gooma, Nicole Dames, Sarah Guest, Tina Wiegand.
Microbial Diversity 2023 Alumni

In the exhibition “Living Like An Amoeba”, enter the universe of free-living amoebas where we show how being an amoeba is a lifestyle. Let your imagination slide and bleb along with those incredibly diverse and unique microscopic predators. Imagine yourself in the middle of the Atlantic, surfing in Cape Town, swimming in the great lake of Michigan, which friends will you encounter, what will be your chosen dance, what sounds would you hear? What will you see? Contemporary and digital irreproducible organic arts, capturing the most singular motility esthetics.

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Living like an Amoeba text on colorful backgrounds

The Brain Matters Project

Project Organizer: Samantha Harker
Arizona State University and 2023 SPINES Alumni

The Brain Matters project aims to educate Arizona youth about neuroscience. Using Backyard Brain boxes, we organized demonstrations of EMG technology. We were able to modify the Backyard Brains spiker box and coordinate it with musical sound so that children can hear the electrical activity of their arm muscles! 

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"Neuroscience is for Everyone" booth at Arizona State University.

Generations of Cephalopod Scientists

Project organizer: Angelique Allen
University of Oregon and Neural Systems and Behavior 2023 Alumni

The Generations of Cephalopod Scientists will turn 4th-6th grade students from underserved schools in Eugene, Oregon and their parents into scientists for an afternoon as they dive into the minds of cephalopods! As a cephalopod researcher who was recently introduced to electrophysiology in the Neural Systems and Behavior course, I have a newfound respect and excitement regarding the history of the giant axon.

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Student in Angelique Allen lab with squid