June 14
E.B. Wilson History and Philosophy of Science Lecture
“The Politics of Embryology: Johannes Holtfreter’s Flight from Nazi Germany”
Michael Dietrich, University of Pittsburgh
June 21
Glassman Lecture
“Which World? - Climate Change, Climate Choices”
Jerry Melillo, Marine Biological Laboratory
June 28
Porter Lecture
“100 Years On from Spemann and Mangold”
Richard Harland, University of California, Berkeley
July 12
“Inflammation and Thrombosis: If it Does Not Save You, it Will Kill You"
Denisa Wagner, Boston Children’s Hospital; Harvard Medical School; MBL Whitman Center Fellow
July 19
Forbes Lecture
“Cephalopods, Visual Perception, Motor Control and Brain Evolution”
Gilles Laurent, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
July 26
"The Future of Ocean Conservation"
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, New York University; Ocean Collectiv