While we do make our vans available for MBL related trips it should be noted the first priority is for the scheduled shuttle service. MBL has three vans available when not in service, two 13 passenger and one 6 passenger. Advance notice is always required.

Availability: The two 13 passenger vans are available Monday thru Friday after 6PM and all day Saturday and Sunday. The 6 passenger van is available everyday with at least a 24 hour notice. With enough advance notice, we can provide transportation during week days between 7am and 4pm for short local (5 mile max) trips. These trips would be fit into the regular daily shuttle schedule. They would be to drop off and pick up only, we cannot stay and wait as we have to get back on schedule. MBL shuttle drivers only.

Who can drive:
(1) It is recommended that you provide your own drivers. Course directors and responsible people designated by course directors may qualify to drive, only after approval by Human Resources. A clean driving record is mandatory.
(2) MBL shuttle drivers

Charges: If you use your own approved driver, you need only to top the gas tank off before returning to campus. If you request an MBL shuttle driver, there is a $25 per hour charge in addition to topping off the gas. Please note MBL Shuttle Drivers are not mandated to work outside their normal shift so advance notice is required to identify a driver interested in the additional shift/hours.

A few rules: Advance notice required including time frame and destination. Instructions for road assistance is in glove box. Please remove all trash before returning vehicle. Please top off gas tank and return keys to security after hours.

Contact rkaski@mbl.edu for more information.