The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP)

The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP) at the Marine Biological Laboratory offers paid experiential learning opportunities for Commonwealth of Massachusetts public high school, state college & university, and community college students to build their professional experience, skills, and knowledge related to the life sciences, technology, and the Blue Economy. We are seeking applicants to fill the current opportunities listed below.

Who Can Apply: These internships are available to students attending public schools (high schools, colleges & universities) in the state of Massachusetts. Click HERE for a list of MA public colleges & universities. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply.

Current Opportunities

Internship Description:  Assist the Education Department with research on student outcomes including tracking alumni career paths, publications, and outreach activities. While previous experience with excel is preferred, the intern will be guided and trained in each of these activities and will gain valuable administrative experience in scientific grant reporting development, evaluation and assessment, analytical skills, technical skills in research output operating systems, and how these are utilized and applied in a scientific institution. 

Skills/Interests Required:  Experience with Excel and/or MAC Numbers preferred

8 – 12 hours per week; onsite training to start and then position is remote