09/18/15 - "Sacred Powers of Water: An A Cappella Concert"
Rockefeller Chapel Choir, University of Chicago

10/01/15 - "A Wild Approach to Climate Change"
Thomas Lovejoy, Conservation Biologist and Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation Co-Sponsored by The 300 Committee.

11/06/15 - "Symphony Confidential: A Revolutionary Approach to Classical Music"
Jung-Ho Pak, Cape Symphony Artistic Director and Conductor

12/04/15 "Brave Genius: Jacques Monod's Adventure From the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize"
Sean B. Carroll, award-winning scientist, writer, educator and executive producer

02/12/16 "Life Lessons from Living in Space"
Sunita Williams, NASA Astronaut and Captain, US Navy

03/04/16 "How To Build a Heart: Lessons From Man and Nature"
Duke Cameron, MD, Professor and Chief of Cardiac Surgery, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

03/18/16 "Harp Ensemble: Curtis On Tour"
Student Musicians from the Curtis Institute, Philadelphia

04/01/16 "This Verse Business: One-Man Show about Poet Robert Frost" (written by Andy Dolan)
Gordon Clapp, Emmy-winning actor