Immigration and Tax Guidance - Advanced Research Training Courses

International Students Coming from Outside the US

Non-US citizens not currently in the United States who have been admitted to any Advanced Research Training Course (ARTC) at the MBL must procure an appropriate visa to enter the US.  The J-1 Exchange Visitor visa is the most appropriate for the ARTC program at the MBL.

A J-1 Intake Form and an English Verification Form must be completed by all J-1 Exchange Visitors. Please begin gathering all required documentation immediately after you have confirmed your attendance via your Decision Reply. Once both forms are completed, please forward them to, along with supporting documentation to ensure timely processing of your visa application. It is important to apply for your visa as far in advance as possible, and at least three (3) months prior to the start of your MBL course.

Refer to the links below for required forms and additional information:

MBL DS-2019 Application (download for fillable form)
English Proficiency Form for J-1 Visitors (download for fillable form)
English Proficiency Policy for International Participants

After completion of the forms, accepted participants will be issued documentation to apply for a J-1 visa at a US Consulate and enter the US as a Short-Term Scholar to participate in the MBL Advanced Research Training Course.

International Students Already in the US

International students already on a J-1 or F-1 visa must contact their home institution to obtain written authorization to participate in any MBL program. Once you obtain written authorization, please forward such documentation to

Note that B-1 for Business, B-2 for Tourism and WB (Visa Waiver) are not appropriate categories to pursue ARTC training courses at the MBL. Participants on B-1, and B-2 visas and those who enter under the Visa Waiver Program will be ineligible to attend MBL’s advanced training courses and be unable to receive any monies (award or scholarship). The MBL is unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

If you hold a visa other than an F-1 or J-1, you must also contact for guidance.

Do not assume your current visa will allow you to enter the US and participate in a course.

Tax Implications for International Students

Participants must have the appropriate visa category to accept financial assistance from the MBL.

Financial assistance received by individuals who are not US citizens and who do not pay income taxes in the US, may be subject to US tax withholding. The MBL must collect and verify your current immigration status and history to determine if withholding is necessary and handled appropriately. This information is gathered through the on-line Foreign National Information System (FNIS).

The purpose of this procedure is to determine residency status for tax purposes and the appropriate method for taxation, applicable tax exemptions and produce the applicable tax forms.

Additional Questions

For immigration-related inquiries, please contact
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