General Information & FAQs

Q: How do I go about registering for a conference, workshop, or other event? 

A: While some of our conferences may have closed (or private) registration links, those that are open to the public may be found by clicking on the name of the event on our Schedule page.

Q: Is payment required at time of registration?

A: Some meetings offer a “Pay Later” option where you are able to complete registration and arrange payment at a later date. However all registrations are required to be paid in full by 3 weeks prior to arrival. All registrations with outstanding balances at that time will be considered canceled.  Checks may be sent to Attn: Conference Services at the address listed below.

Q: What do I do if I require travel assistance?

A: At this time the MBL is not assisting with international travel visas.

Q: What if I must cancel my conference registration?

A: All meetings have a cancellation date, (3 weeks prior to arrival) after which time no refunds are issued.  If you have to cancel after registering, send an email to for processing.

Q: I have questions concerning COVID-19 and what the MBL is doing to prepare for onsite meetings and events?

A: Our goal is to prioritize the health of the MBL and local communities while sustaining our distinctive approach to education, research, and collaboration. In close consultation with experts at the University of Chicago and UChicago Medicine, we’re implementing a wide range of health precautions while building a campus culture focused on shared responsibility for health and safety. Additional information can be found by visiting the MBL Forward page.

Q: Where do I check in for the meeting?

A: All meetings check in at the MBL Swope Center, 5 North Street in Woods Hole. (#15 on the map below)

The Front Desk will provide your event ID badge, parking permit and event information.  Housing Check-in is after 2:00pm on the date of your scheduled arrival.

The Front Desk is usually open 8am – 5pm on arrival day.  After 5pm, the MBL Security can be called for housing check in.

We have a limited number of conference parking spaces in our Bar Neck Lot (#19 on the map on this page). Permits are available at the Swope Front Desk, parking on other MBL lots or without a permit is not allowed.

Q: How can I get to the MBL?

A: Woods Hole is approximately 75 miles from Boston’s Logan airport. It is easily accessible by car or public transportation. 

Click here for directions, campus maps and travel information.

Q: What’s the weather like in Woods Hole?

A: Woods Hole is a seaside village, and the weather can vary widely day to day (even hour to hour). You can expect temperatures to typically be a few degrees cooler than inland. A raincoat is handy for unexpected showers. Winters can range from blizzard conditions to mild. Click here for what’s happening right now.

Q: What can I expect my housing to look like?

A: Housing is dormitory style and may be reserved as doubles or singles. Each room is equipped with two twin beds, night stands, a desk, lamps, wardrobes, and depending on your specific accommodations either an en suite bath or shared baths.  For additional housing information (as well as photos of some of our rooms) please visit our Housing Information page

Q: The conference I am attending has an abstract or poster are there any rules that go along with these?

A: It is a good idea to check with the individual conference or meeting, in regards to their requirements and submission instructions when it comes to an abstract. For your poster display we have facilities for up to 65 posters, 42” x 60” portrait size. Details will come from the conference organizers on numbering and display times.

Q: I have a special dietary request?

A: Our Dining Services Team is happy to assist you with any and all dietary needs, restrictions and/or allergy. Our registration pages include a place for you to list out your requests, but if you have additional concerns or would like to talk to someone in more detail please feel free to reach out to 

Q: I am interested in attending a meeting but am worried about the environmental impact?

A: The MBL is diligently working to improve our sustainable impact on the world. To find out more information please visit our Campus Sustainability page as well more detailed information about our compositing efforts here on campus.

Q: Is there wireless Internet Access?

A: Yes. The MBL offers wi-fi throughout our campus. The “MBL-GUEST” network is extremely easy to use and is very similar to systems that are widely deployed in hotels and Internet cafes. This wireless network has limited access to any MBL network resources, such as internal web pages, printers, and other shared devices. Click here for network login instructions.