Comparative genomics of unicellular eukaryotes: Interactions and symbioses

September 30 – October 5, 2024 | Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

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About the Workshop

Microbial (single-celled) eukaryotes – or represent 70% of eukaryotic diversity, and while there is massive amount of knowledge for groups such as fungi, many others remain mysterious due to challenges in studying them and their staggering diversity. These organisms play key roles in regulating the biosphere and ecosystem function, as well as disease, and ecology of the organisms with which they interact. Major progress is underway in understanding their genomes, relationships and diversity, and relevant model systems are being developed for multiple lineages. These scientific endeavors are leading to major advances on functional biology, mechanisms of interaction with other cells, and processes that not only underpin a broad spectrum of symbioses but extend to overall planetary biology.

This conference is designed to facilitate interactions between researchers who study comparative genomics, molecular mechanisms, and cell biology for a diversity of microbial eukaryotes. These range from fungi to uncultured protists in aquatic, terrestrial, and host environments. The overarching aim of the meeting is to highlight the latest research and approaches for understanding the world from the perspective of a unicellular eukaryotes, specifically through the lens of the genomic underpinnings of their activities and evolution – and interactions with other cells. Such interactions range from ephemeral to permanent physical associations with other biological entities, including bacteria, archaea, and viruses, and the evolutionary processes that support them. These topics will be addressed alongside the latest developments in model and non-traditional eukaryotic model organisms and knowledge of their cellular biology - especially in connection to interactions with the external world.

Please ignore any fraudulent company that may contact you for travel and housing arrangement. Housing is included in the registration package and is handled by the organizers.

This conference stems from the prior EMBO Workshop on Comparative Genomics of Unicellular Eukaryotes, which has been held on a two-year cycle over the last decade. The meeting is of excellent scientific quality and provides strong networking activities for all participants, with specific activities for early career scientists (ECS) and welcomes a breadth of speakers.


Meeting Chair:


Alexandra Worden

Alexandra Z. Worden
Marine Biological Laboratory, USA
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, DE

Toni Gabaldón

Toni Gabaldón
Institute for Research in Biomedicine, ES

Patrick Keeling

Patrick Keeling
University of British Columbia, CA

Julius Lukeš

Julius Lukeš
Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre, CZ

Gwenaël Piganeau

Gwenaël Piganeau
Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls, FR

Courtney Stairs

Courtney Stairs
Lund University, SE

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Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be notified in writing. Please note, prior to 30 May 2024 refunds can be issued if a substitute delegate is provided and pays the same 'all inclusive meeting fee' rate as the cancelling delegate. After 30 May 2024 refunds will not be issued, however substitute delegates will be accepted without charge.

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All Inclusive Meeting Fee:

Student/Postdocs - 785 EUR
Academic - 990 EUR
Industry - 1450 EUR

(Includes hotel, meals & bus to/from Airport. Please note that we are required to add a 21% Spanish VAT tax that will be added and collected upon registration)

New Early Career Events!

- Daily ECS ‘Meet the Speakers’ Coffee Breaks

- Day 2 Special ECS Gathering & Select. of Round Table Topics

- Day 4 ECS RT Discussions & Cross Disciplinary Career Talk

ECS Mentors: Courtney Stairs (SE), Laura Eme (FR), Jeremy Wideman (US), Javier del Campo (ES)