June 15
E.B. Wilson History and Philosophy of Science Lecture
“Pain, Opioids, and the Search for Relief: A Political History”
Keith Wailoo, Princeton University
June 22
“What do Fungi Tell us About Neurodegenerative Disease?”
Amy Gladfelter, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
July 6
Glassman Lecture
“Can the Brain's Structure Reveal its Function?”
Jeff Lichtman, Harvard University
July 13
July 20
Forbes Lecture
“Neurobiology of Parenting Behavior”
Catherine Dulac, Harvard University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
July 27
“The Co-Evolution of Life and Rocks: Insights from Data-Driven Discovery”
Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution for Science; George Mason University
August 3
Sager Lecture
“Life without Oxygen”
Dianne Newman, California Institute of Technology
August 10
Porter Lecture
“The Stability and Reversal of Cell Differentiation in Development”
John Gurdon, University of Cambridge; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2012)