SES graduates are making an ever larger contribution to the field of environmental science and policy. About half of SES alumni go on to professional or graduate school in fields related to environmental and climate science, scientific research or policy. More than a dozen of our former students are in tenure track faculty positions at colleges and universities around the nation. In addition to science and education, our alums are currently working in fields such as environmental law, public health, engineering, science journalism and even emissions trading. Many return each year as SES Teaching Assistants, the SES Recruiter, or Research Assistant positions at the MBL or at our field stations such as Harvard Forest LTER or the Arctic LTER. Alumni who have not completed advanced degrees are employed in technical or support positions in science, work for non-governmental organizations or government agencies, are environmental consultants or environmental educators.

SES Alumni Testimonial
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One of the biggest key takeaways from the program is being able to find people who share your passions and who you are going to connect with later on in life and maybe work together some day...

Marcus Mekhail, SES Class of 2021

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