Shut-down checklist
A shut-down checklist is available to help you close down your lab as you prepare to leave. Click here to view and download the checklist.

Shipping & Receiving
Before you depart, make sure you check in at the Mail Room and give them a forwarding address if you expect to receive any packages/mail after you leave.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes, as described in the above policy, can be obtained by contacting at least three business days in advance of when you need them.

Returning next year

If you are interested in returning to the MBL next year, please contact Deadline for lab rentals in 2023 is December 15, 2022; deadline for housing is tentatively scheduled for March 1, 2023. For information on financial support, visit Funding Opportunities.

Winter Storage and Vacating Laboratory Space

Click here to download the instructions shown below.

Whitman Scientists who rent laboratory and/or office space at the MBL are expected to vacate those spaces at the end of their rental period and leave those spaces in a condition that permits their use for other investigators or other purposes by the MBL (see item 4 below).  However, researchers who plan to return to the MBL may choose to:

1) Rent space during the off-season: Arrangements can be made to rent laboratory space during the off-season at the rate $11.00/sq ft/month, which is equal to one half the cost of the peak-season rate.  This allows the researcher to leave everything in its place and to have unlimited access with parking privileges throughout the year.  Contact for details.

2) Pack up and store supplies and equipment until next year: MBL can provide limited storage of laboratory equipment during the off-season months.

  • All items, except chemicals or hazardous materials, are to be stored in standard wooden MBL storage boxes (2 feet x 2 feet x 3 feet). These are available, with adequate notice, from
  • Off-season storage in cardboard boxes is not permitted.
  • Up to four MBL boxes are allowed as a general rule. A charge per box will be imposed for boxes above this limit.
  • The weight of each box should not exceed 150 pounds.
  • Boxes must be packed by the researchers.
  • Boxes and equipment are to be placed in the laboratory on a blank wall whenever possible.
  • At the discretion of the MBL, boxes and equipment may be moved to other areas including the MBL warehouse to permit cleaning, maintenance activities, or use of the space for other purposes.
  • The MBL will take all reasonable steps to avoid damage to the packed material, but the MBL will not take responsibility for any damage.
  • A list of items within a box must be completed and left with each box by the individual requesting storage.  It is recommended that the researcher maintain a copy of the list.
  • Large pieces of equipment that cannot fit in an MBL storage box may be stored on a case-by-case basis with written approval from the Director of the Division of Research.
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials are allowed to be stored in the laboratory provided they are stored in the approved gray bins provided by the Safety Officer.  They are large enough to hold five 4-liter bottles.  Note:  Consideration must be given to chemical incompatibility and temperature changes. The MBL Safety Officer is available for consultation at or 508-289-7424.
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials not scheduled for storage need to be removed from the laboratory.  For disposal, contact or 508-289-7424 prior to departure date. 
  • MBL reserves the right to charge for storage of material not used for a period of one year and retroactive to the initial storage date.

3) Vacating Laboratories: If a researcher will not be returning to the MBL the following year, the laboratory must be vacated completely.

  • All chemicals and hazardous materials must be removed.  Contact or 508-289-7424 for disposal before departing.  MBL does not ship hazardous chemicals.  Note:  If some of these chemicals are still considered good, they will be offered up at no charge to other labs on campus.
  • Other materials left behind, not scheduled for MBL storage, will be handled at the MBL’s discretion, in one of three ways:
    • Items will be packed and shipped COD to their owner, with all MBL costs charged to the Whitman Scientist responsible for the lab.
    • Items will be placed in commercial storage with all costs billed to the Whitman Scientist responsible for that lab.
    • Items will be removed and discarded with all associated costs billed to the Whitman Scientist responsible for that lab, including the cost for chemical disposal if necessary.
  • All marine specimens must be removed.  Contact or 508-289-7375 (x7375) for consultation.  Locally collected marine animals are to be disposed of in dead animal buckets provided by Custodial Services.  Terrestrial, non-native marine specimens or any specimens that have been injected with any substance are to be bagged, sealed, labeled with name/date, and stored in Loeb G11 or Rowe 107 freezer.  Any remaining specimens must be reported to Marine Resources at x7375.