Information Regarding the Use of Zebrafish at the MBL

All research involving the use of zebrafish must have a protocol approved by the MBL Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Investigators using zebrafish supplied by the MBL Zebrafish Facility will need to refer to the Zebrafish Facility Guidelines for more details and per diem charges.

Investigators bringing fish from an outside facility to the MBL must choose a method of care for the fish when making an application for IACUC approval. The MBL allows two methods of care.

Method 1

Upon arrival, the Marine Resource Center’s aquatic technician will place the fish in the Zebrafish Facility located in the MRC, Room 203. If placed in this facility, the MRC technician will be responsible for feeding, cleaning and general maintenance of the fish and the water system in which they reside. Additionally, any procedures such as spawning induction will be conducted by the technician under the guidance of MRC personnel and according to the investigator’s IACUC approved methods and needs.

Procedures (other than induction of spawning) that the investigator conducts must be accomplished either in the investigator’s laboratory or in the Procedures Room on the first floor of the MRC. Animals can only be removed from the facility with the approval and assistance of the aquatic technician (to prevent perturbations in the closed loop water system). Only with prior special permission from the MRC management committee can any procedure conducted by the investigator be done in the zebrafish holding facility.

  • Note: Arrival of fish must be preceded by a letter signed by the veterinarian from the home institution stating that a health examination was conducted, and that the fish appear healthy and free of infection.

Method 2

Animals will reside in the investigator’s MBL laboratory. In this case, the investigator has the primary responsibility for the care and feeding of the fish and monitoring water quality. A health certificate is not required when using this method. Procedures for animal care must be outlined in the IACUC application. Daily inspection by the investigator(s) and maintenance of Weekly Animal Care Sheets are a required component of the IACUC protocol. Periodic monitoring of the investigator’s fish and the holding tank will be conducted by the MBL Veterinarian or MRC staff at which time Weekly Animal Care Sheets will be collected.