2024 Whitman Fellows: The Marine Biological Laboratory offers several research awards to financially support investigators in the Whitman Center. Awards are used to support research in diverse fields of biology such as cellular physiology, molecular biology, regenerative biology, ecology, neurobiology, evolution, developmental biology, and neuroetheology. Funds for these awards come from a variety of sources generously donated to the MBL.

2024 Whitman Scientists: The Whitman Center is home for this vibrant research community of Whitman Center Scientists that comprise more than 100 principal investigators from academic institutions around the world. This extraordinary group of leading scientists, some with long-established programs at MBL and some new to the MBL each year, come to work together and explore fundamental questions in biology and biomedical science. In addition to the summer months, researchers may choose to work at the MBL at other times during the traditional academic year when they will also find a rich scientific environment and enjoy the same informal setting, free from the distractions of the typical academic environment.

2024 Grass Fellows: Grass Fellowships at the Marine Biological Laboratory support investigator-designed, independent research projects by scientists early in their career. Supported approaches include neurophysiology, biophysics, integrative neurobiology, neuroethology, neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology, systems neuroscience, cellular and developmental neurobiology, and computational approaches to neural systems. The Foundation also has a longstanding interest in epilepsy-related research.