The MBL stockroom operates as a self-service facility providing the most essential laboratory supplies, chemicals, office supplies, and general use items. Registered users of the stockroom may purchase items at their convenience. Scanner training and a valid cost center or AR account number is required for all purchases. During the summer months the stockroom is staffed for your convenience and help.

The scanner systems have changed in the stockroom as of April 1, 2019. The new scanners are user friendly iPod/iPad based system. Stop by the stockroom to learn how to use the new scanners!

For further information on the stockroom inventory and how to access it, please contact or 508-289-7236.

Self-Serve Stockroom Access Request

MBL researchers and education staff may gain access into the self-serve stockroom by following the procedures below:

  1. Complete the stockroom training request here.
  2. Once we receive the completed form we will contact you to setup a training session.
  3. After training is completed, access will be granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the stockroom carry? The stockroom inventory consists of general laboratory supplies, chemicals, office supplies, and a limited number of general items. 

How do I gain access to the stockroom? Access to the stockroom requires registration and a simple 15 minute training session, described here.  Please be aware that the stockroom is under video surveillance.

What if I don’t know my cost center or account number? You must have authorization to use a valid grant or department cost center number, or an AR account.  Contact your supervisor or Financial Services for assistance in identifying the correct account number.

What if I make a mistake when scanning my purchases? If you make a mistake in entering numbers or scanning data, you have the ability to review your order and delete line items before you transmit your orders. Please be sure to double check your orders prior to transmitting your order. If a mistake is noticed after your receipt is printed, please inform stockroom staff either in person or by email

Can I get a receipt for my purchases? After you have completed the purchasing process, a receipt will automatically be sent to the printer in the stockroom.  This may take a minute or two to print. If your receipt fails to print please email to request a copy.

Can I request additional items be added to the stockroom inventory? Requests for additions to the core item list are welcome and can be made here. A justification that fits the core item criteria must be included. While we welcome requests, there must be an understanding that there are a maximum number of items that can be stocked and still permit time and cost efficient operation of the self-serve stockroom. The inventory list will be periodically reviewed and items that are rarely or never used may be removed to make room for new items to be added.

What kind of pricing do the stockroom items carry? Most items in the stockroom are provided by Fisher Scientific under negotiated pricing. Other vendors are used if Fisher is unable to meet the lower pricing of another vendor. Prices do NOT contain a markup cost, unless the company we order from charges shipping fees. MBL is working with the University of Chicago Procurement Department to leverage the buying power of the University and applying their pricing agreements to MBL’s purchases wherever possible. If you are aware of a way to purchase items for less cost than they are listed in the stockroom, please email and let the stockroom staff know.