Mail Room

The MBL Mail Room (located in Room 8D) handles all incoming and outgoing mail where it is processed and sorted. The Mail Clerk is responsible for MBL's incoming and outgoing mail. The clerk prepares all outgoing mail and packages prior to their being sent to the post office or other carrier. The Mail Room clerk also delivers all mail to every department unless a mail box is requested by an individual. You may request a box by e-mailing the Supervisor listed below. Mail boxes are also located in room 8D. Anyone who does not have mail delivered to their office/lab is required to retrieve their own mail. All personnel is responsible for bringing their packages to the Shipping Department with the proper form, address, and cost center. The Shipping Department is located at the dock in the Lillie basement (Room 12).

All visiting personnel who expect to receive mail and/or packages must register at the Mail Room to ensure delivery. Upon departure, a forwarding address must be provided. A valid MBL or personal cost center must be written on the upper right corner of all outgoing mail that requires postage. Any address changes can be e-mailed to

All outgoing mail (including FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) should be in the mail room by 3:30 PM. Mail Room lobby closes at 5:00 PM nightly.

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
For further information contact the Mail Room at: (508) 289-7228

Shipping and Receiving

In addition to Shipping & Receiving, the department also provides a wide variety of campus services including but not limited to: moving heavy equipment and class course material, recycling, shuttles, parking, grounds maintenance, warehouse management, bike storage, and large-scale shredding. 

In order for Shipping & Receiving to process inbound/outbound items effectively, it is required upon on those all those that interact with the department to provide clear and concise information. When ordering goods and services or when having items shipped to the MBL, please specify recipient's name, phone extension, building, room number, PO# and the address on the shipping label. The official MBL address is:


7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday - Friday)

Lillie Building - Basement
Room 12
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA

Robert (Bob) Kaski
Office: 508-289-7326
Email Bob Kaski
Email Shipping and Receiving

Online Shipping Request Form (MBL Intranet - Authorized Users Only)

Shipping Guide

Same Day Shipping

All outgoing packages and letters (FedEx letters not to exceed 8oz.) should be brought to the Receiving Room (Lillie 11) properly labeled and ready to be shipped by 3:30.

Required Label Information

Name, Attention to, or Contact Person
Company, University, Institution, etc.
Street Address (P.O. Box not allowed for FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)
City or Town
State and Zip Code

Outbound Shipping Services

  • FedEx
    Priority One – Next day AM delivery service to major cities and metropolitan areas. Not all locations serviced by 10:30 AM.
    Standard Overnight – Next day service to all areas. PM delivery.
    Two Day Economy – Example: out on Monday, arrive on Wednesday.
  • UPS
    Next Day Air Service – Delivery by Noon.
    Second Day Air Service – Delivery by second business day.
    Ground Service – 3 to 5 day delivery, depending on location.
  • International – Requires special attention – See Shipping/Receiving personnel for assistance.


UPS and Federal Express provide automatic coverage for the first $100. Insurance exceeding $100 is offered at a minimal additional cost.

Payment Methods

  • Charge to: MBL cost center, Grant Number or A/R personal account
  • Bill Recipient: phone#, acct#
  • Bill 3rd Party: phone#, acct#


Packages arrive at various times throughout the day. UPS, Federal Express and AirBorne Express generally deliver from 11:45 AM on. Package delivery efficiency dramatically improves if your name, room number, building name, and/or telephone extension is on the label. Shipping/Receiving will save time, and you will receive your items sooner when proper information is provided.

Note: It is imperative that forwarding instructions are provided to Shipping/Receiving personnel prior to your departure from MBL. Without this information, items will be disposed of after 60 days.