Occupational Health and Safety covers emergency response, hazard communication, laboratory safety, indoor air quality, ergonomics and material handling, fire protection, industrial hygiene and chemical safety, construction safety, industrial safety, fall protection, confined space entry, accident and injury prevention, and incident investigation.


Occupational health and safety program
Occupational health program for animal handlers
Confined space program
Fall protection program
Fire Safety Policy
Forklift safety
General Electrical Safety
Hearing conservation
Ladder Safety
Lockout /Tag out program
Machine Guarding
Submersible Water Heater Use at MBL
Workstation Ergonomics

The Environmental Health and Safety team works with Human Resources to investigate and document accidents or incidents (non-security related) involving staff, researchers, faculty, students or visitors to the Marine Biological Laboratory Campus.


Injury Report

Contact Eric H. Jensen, Environmental Health and Safety Manager 508-289-7424 or ejensen@mbl.edu  with any questions related to occupational health & safety.