xenopus facilities

The NXR Research Facility Resource is a service for visiting scientists to come to the MBL, embed in NXR space and use NXR resources. For visiting scientists, the NXR provides ample lab space located adjacent to the main frog facility. In this room there is access to all of the equipment required for working with Xenopus, including microinjectors and microscopes. Visiting scientists also benefit from the help and advice of NXR staff.

The goal of this service is to provide researchers with the ability to use specific transgenic lines that are available at the NXR rather than purchasing and housing them in their own institution. In addition, scientists can take advantage of the NXR breeding facility and come and begin the process of creating either transgenic or knockout frogs; NXR staff provides support to visiting scientists and is experienced in all aspects of genome editing and transgenics.

The cost for the Research Facility Resource is $500/week. This fee covers all standard chemicals, frogs and enzymes; specialty consumables (e.g. antibodies, morpholinos) are covered by the individual.