Since the Spring of 2018 MBL has partnered with two Massachusetts’s companies to reduce waste on campus. Between 2018-2019 MBL composted 24,668 lbs. of waste and compostable packaging! Striving to make not only the dining hall, retail space but also events compost friendly. Purchasing only compostable products when possible for outside events.

Since reopening MBL has strived to ensure that social distancing needs of COVID-19 were met, while utilizing as much compostable package ware as possible. Partnering with Black Earth Compost to ensure that as we reopened the path to reduced waste and green products were possible.

MBL and Sodexo are happy to support the composting efforts of those staying in MBL cottages/houses. Those wishing to drop off compost from MBL housing will need to email to be added to the list of drop off participants. Ensuring that the appropriate compost guidelines are adhered to, so that collections are not contaminated. Participants are not permitted to dump contents straight in to barrels without checking with a member of the dining team - this is to ensure bins are in rotation for the collection. Currently drop off’s can be accepted Monday’s 10A-2P by the dining services Receiver. Please reach out with any questions.

About Black Earth Compost | How to Compost with Black Earth

  • Food waste makes up 30-40% of the waste stream, which can be diverted from landfills and reused.
  • Food waste is the heaviest component of the waste stream and removal can save money on trash fees.
  • Compost returns valuable nutrients and microorganisms to depleted soil.
  • Compost is an ideal means to pull CO2 out of the air by growing strong plants and storing carbon in the soil long term.
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