Anton Post

With sadness, the MBL shares the passing of Anton Post on October 7, 2023, in Israel.  Dr. Post was a senior scientist in the MBL’s Josephine Bay Paul Center from 2008-2014 and a Whitman Center investigator from 2005-2007, and he collaborated with MBL scientists for many years prior. He was a member of the MBL Society from 2010-2017.

Dr. Post's research at MBL concerned how the genomic control of nutrient physiology in cyanobacteria drives algal blooms, and how these blooms shape microbial community structures and affect nutrient cycling.

After serving as a National Science Foundation program officer for two years while maintaining an active research program at MBL, Dr. Post was recruited by the University of Rhode Island to be director of its new Coastal Resource Center in 2015. He most recently was executive director of the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation.

A notice posted by his family is reprinted below.

Last Saturday night we said goodbye to our beloved Anton after a long year of fighting cancer.

His last breath was taken with calm and ease alongside his family and friends. We already miss this charming, impressive and complex man.

Anton was a man of vision, an explorer and a citizen of the world. Born in Holland in 1953, lived in Japan before migrating to Israel to raise a family, and lived a long period in the United States perusing new career goals and challenges. He even made it all the way to Antarctica for a long research expedition before moving back to Israel three years ago. Since then to the day of his passing, he was the director of the Binational Science Foundation, Israel & USA.

Wherever he went, he brought with him love, a sense of curiosity and a desire to connect and bond, along with a unique sense of humor and perspective on life.

We will cherish his contributions to his family, friends and colleagues.

We love you, Anton. Husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend.