The modelshell program is a wrapper for mass balance type models. Modelshell provides a GUI interface, input and output routines, and a simple graphing routine. Models can be incorporated into modelshell by writing a Model Table in MS Word and then translating the table into Delphi code using the program “Create Equations”. It is written in Borland Delphi. Modelshell uses a commercial package for various pages. This package, TAdvStringgrid, must be downloaded ( and installed before using modelshell.

This page contains the modelshell files for the modelling software we have written in Borland Delphi for IBM PC compatibles.

The following versions are available:

Modelshell Version Delphi Version TMS Software TAdvstringgrid Version File Date Available

This version of modelshell includes numerous bug fixes and several structural changes. The major structural changes include requiring the semicolon in the derivatives section of the Model Table and using comma delimited files driver files instead of space delimited.

2007 16 June 2009


This version uses Advanced Stringgrid v2.4 instead of v1.90.

5, SP1 2.4 modelshellv630 17 Dec 2002
6.3.0 5, SP1 1.90 modelshellzip.ZIP  

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