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sand dollar egg
cricket sperm
easter lily
Sea urching spindle
shinya microscope
shinya microscope
Shinya with microscope
Thyone acrosome
sand dollar egg
4th division Sand dollar egg.
easter lily pollen
Easter Lily pollen mother cell.
GFP crystal
GFP crystal rotated.
Shinya and Danielle Cooke
Shinya and Danielle Cooke, photo by Mark Levoy, Stanford University.
Ripley's Believe it or Not featuring Shinya Inoue
Ripley's Believe It or Not featuring Shinya Inoue.
shinya microscope diagram
Shinya's microscope diagram.


Inoué Presentation on Jean Clark Dan
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In 2010, Shinya Inoué gave a presentation at MBL for the 100th anniversary of Jean Clark Dan's birth. The combined PowerPoint and audio is courtesy of Rudolf Oldenbourg.
Easter Lily
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Mitosis in pollen mother cell of Easter Lily, observed with Shinya Scope-2. 16mm move time-lapsed ca. 450x. This historic sequence (1951) finally proved the reality of spindle fibers and fibrils [microtubules] which move chromosomes and define the plane of cell division in living cells.
Thyone sperm
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Acrosomal reaction of Thyone sperm. Video-enhanced DIC in real time. Scale bar 10um. [Tilney and Inoue (1982) J. Cell Biol.93:820-827]
Sea Urchin
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Cold-induced reversible loss of birefringence (i.e., depolymerization, or shift in dynamic equilibrium, of spindle microtubules) in developing sea urchin egg. Inoué (1952); Fuseler & Inoué (1975)
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The movie shows several sequences showing changes in birefringence in oocytes of the marine annelid Chaetopteris that had formed meiotic spindles before exposure to centrifugal force in the Centrifuge Polarizing Microscope developed by S. Inoue. Spindles appear dark or bright according to their directionality with respect to that of the polarized light.

See S. Inoue et al. 2001. Centrifuge polarizing microscope II. Sample biological applications. J Microsc 201:357-367.