Project Organizer: Samantha Harker
Arizona State University and 2023 SPINES Alumni

Samantha Harker
Samantha Harker

The Brain Matters project aims to educate Arizona youth about neuroscience. Using Backyard Brain boxes, we organized demonstrations of EMG technology. We were able to modify the Backyard Brains spiker box and coordinate it with musical sound so that children can hear the electrical activity of their arm muscles! Recently, we were a part of the ASU Open Door event where we volunteered to host the "Neuroscience is for Everyone" booth. Here, we had Backyard Brain box demonstrations, a memory game, a neuroscience art raffle (the piece was made by one of our club members), as well as a station to make your own brain hat! We plan to continue to volunteer at local events and coordinate with local high school and elementary schools to run through additional demonstrations.

Students participating in ASU Open Door event


Students participating in ASU Open Door event.