The Stuart-Moore Endowed Fund

Supporting MBL Children’s Programs and The Stuart-Moore Director of MBL Summer Children’s Programs

Ann Stuart and John Moore met at the MBL in 1974, she a faculty member in the Neurobiology Department at Harvard and he a Duke neurophysiologist who had studied squid axon at the lab since the early 1950s. Ann moved to UNC, Chapel Hill, to marry John in 1978 and for the next 40 years they packed up their labs at Duke and UNC to make the annual summer migration to the MBL—a place John called “his intellectual home” and Ann described as “neurophysiology heaven.”

Ann and John were deeply involved in the MBL scientific community and both served the laboratory as Trustees and Society members. Ann was a faculty member in the Neurobiology and SPINES courses and John in the Biophysics course. Outside of the lab they enjoyed spending time with their son and colleagues, sailing, windsurfing, and attending weekly College Light Opera Company performances.

In the 1980s, child care at the lab was limited and it was difficult for scientific parents, especially women scientists, to work intensely on their summer research or teaching. So in 1988 Ann helped establish the Satellite Club, one of the two MBL children’s camps that continue to thrive. To do their part to make sure support continues for children of parents working at the MBL, Ann and John established The Ann E. Stuart and John W. Moore Endowed Fund for Children’s Programs (“The Stuart-Moore Fund”). The Fund supports the MBL summer camps and their Director as well as other children’s programs and leaves a lasting legacy of support for all MBL families.

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