Stay Engaged

We know the MBL is important to you. Here's how you can stay connected with everything happening in Woods Hole and in the MBL’s worldwide network.


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Tell Your Friends

Share your experiences at the MBL with your colleagues and encourage them to come visit and apply to our programs.

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Join the MBL Society

The MBL Society is a great way to elevate your involvement with the MBL and can also serve as a networking opportunity.


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The MBL is a nonprofit organization and relies on donors to fund everything from the microscopes our students use to the tanks that house organisms for our scientists. Every gift no matter how small makes an impact.

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Stay Connected

Want to keep up with the MBL News? Sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter The Collecting Net to make sure you hear all about the MBL.

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Come Back to the MBL

Whether you first came to the MBL as a student, during a conference, or as a scientist, there are so many ways the MBL can be a part of your life going forward.