Striped Bass Magic

The Striped Bass Magic Program ( is designed to engage and excite students and their teachers in the study of the interrelatedness of organisms.

Through this program and website, students, teachers, researchers and fishers alike will learn about earth’s complex ecosystems with Woods Hole’s striped bass population as a focus. Follow the bass as they migrate over 500 miles, explore how they interact with other organisms in their ecosystem, see the technology used to research marine life, and learn how human activity affects the stripers and their food web!

Studying migration is an ideal way to connect the life cycle of an animal and the importance of the environment to these patterns. Such a study leads to questions, many of which are untested, concerning how an ecosystem changes as a result of seasonal migration, overfishing, pollution and climate change.

We hope you will consider supporting our efforts to provide opportunities for students of all ages!

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