Watching the Eclipse Over Woods Hole

MBL scientists Jen Morgan, Rachel Carson, and Kristin Gribble eclipse-watching in Waterfront Park. Credit: Diana Kenney

Like moths to a flame, MBL-ers spontaneously streamed from their labs and offices to bask in the solar eclipse on April 6, which reached 88.8% totality in Woods Hole. Nature and science are always in conversation in Woods Hole, and this shared celestial event was no exception.

No, this isn't a rock festival - it's scientists, students and staff watching the eclipse in Waterfront Park. Credit: Diana Kenney


EC group eclipse
L-R, Suzanne Thomas, Zoe Cardon, Scott Koerner and Anne Giblin gather around the Ecosystems Center's colander and screen for projecting eclipse images. Credit: Diana Kenney
temperature log
Thomas also kept a log of temperature changes during the eclipse because -- she's an envirornmental scientist. Credit: Diana Kenney
Library group eclipse
Even the library staff came outside! From left, Jennifer Walton, Matt Person, Marie Russell, and Samantha Porter. Credit: Diana Kenney
nipam patel
MBL Director Nipam Patel demonstrates a manual way to project eclipse images on the ground. Credit: Diana Kenney
emily's eclipse viewer
Peering into Emily Greenhalgh's cardboard box eclipse viewer. Credit: Emily Greenhalgh
CH group
Candle House representing! From left, Garrett Gryska, Samantha Cummis, Carolyn Johnson, and Cedith Copenhaver. Credit: Diana Kenney