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Rut Pedrosa Pamies

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Ph.D., Marine Biogeochemistry, University of Barcelona, 2016
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Dr. Rut Pedrosa Pamies is an oceanographer and biogeochemist. Her major research interest is the cycling of elements in the environment, especially the biogeochemistry of carbon. A major focus of her research is on the factors that regulate the downward flux of material from the surface of the ocean into the interior and from there to the seafloor. Since 2016, she is part of the Oceanic Flux Program (OFP) scientific team, a deep ocean particle flux time-series offshore Bermuda, the longest running time-series of its kind.

OFP sinking particles collected at 3200 m depth containing foraminifera, pteropod shells, fecal pellets and a fibrous aggregate (Photo credit: JC Weber/OFP).
OFP sinking particles collected at 3200 m depth containing foraminifera, pteropod shells, fecal pellets and a fibrous aggregate (Photo credit: JC Weber/OFP).

She studies the role of particles in the oceanic carbon cycle using detailed geochemical characterization (bulk geochemical composition and stable isotopes, lipid biomarkers, major and trace elements, etc.). She integrates the characterization of particle fluxes with the analysis of oceanographic, climatic, and anthropogenic forcing conditions. Rut Pedrosa Pamies is particularly interested in the roles of mesoscale spatial variability and extreme episodic events, such as tropical cyclones, on the particle flux and, in turn, how this affects marine ecosystems. She is also interested in the role of microbes in regulating carbon fluxes in the ocean. 

Additionally, Rut Pedrosa Pamies have a significant interest in issues of direct societal concern, such as plastic debris and organic pollutants in marine ecosystems.

Rut Pedrosa Pamies works with
Emil Ruff
Assistant Scientist
Ecosystems Center
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Zhanfei Liu
Associate Professor
The University of Texas at Austin (Marine Science Institute)
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Alexander Bochdansky
Old Dominion University
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Scott Gallager
Senior Scientist
Coastal Ocean Vision
Selected Publications

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