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Caroline Albertin

Assistant Scientist

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Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of Chicago, 2016
Masters, Integrative Biology, University of Chicago, 2012
Masters, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, 2009
B.A., Biology and French, Mount Holyoke College, 2005
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The Albertin lab studies how novelty arises over the course of evolution and embryogenesis using cephalopods as models. We employ diverse approaches, including comparative genomics, gene expression studies, and live imaging, with a focus on understanding (i) molecular patterning of cephalopod body plans, (ii) cellular and molecular events in cephalopod neurogenesis, (iii) the evolution of the cephalopod fate map and developmental program, and (iv) developing new molecular tools and approaches to enable research in cephalopods.

Caroline Albertin works with
Emeline Kelly
Emeline Kelley
Research Assistant II
MBL, Albertin Lab
Jessica Stock
Dr. Jessica Stock
Human Frontiers Science Program Postdoctoal Fellow
MBL, Albertin Lab
Jennifer McCarthy Taylor
Dr. Jennifer McCarthy Taylor
Postdoctoral Researcher
MBL, Albertin Lab
Selected Publications

Ahuja N, Hwaun E, Pungor JR, Rafiq R, Nemes S, Sakmar T, Vogt MA, Grasse B, Diaz Quiroz J, Montague TG, Null RW, Dallis DN, Gavriouchkina D, Marletaz F, Abbo L, Rokhsar DS, Niell CM, Soltesz I, Albertin CB*, Rosenthal JJC*. 2023. Creation of an albino squid line by CRISPR-Cas9 and its application for in vivo recording of neural activity. Current Biology. 33(13)2774-2783. *communicating authors. 

Albertin CB*, Mitros T, Medina S, Schmidbaur H, Sanchez G, Schmutz J, Rosenthal JJ, Ragsdale CW*, Simakov O*, Rokhsar DS*. 2022. Genome and transcriptome mechanisms driving cephalopod evolution. Nature Communications.13(1):2427 *communicating authors. 

Schmidbaur H, Kawaguchi A, Gerguri T, Fu X, Hoang OP, Zimmerman B, Ritschard E, Weissenbacher A, Foster J, Nyholm S, Bates P, Albertin CB*, Tanaka E*, Simakov O*. 2022. Emergence of novel cephalopod gene regulation and expression through large-scale genome reorganization. Nature Communications. 13(1):2127 *communicating authors. 

Crawford, K, Quiroz JFD, Koenig KM, Ahuja N, Albertin CB, Rosenthal JJR. 2020. Highly efficient knockout of a squid pigmentation gene. Current Biology. 30:3484-3490 

Albertin CB, Simakov O. 2020. Cephalopod biology: at the intersection between genomic and organismal novelties. Annual Reviews of Animal Biosciences. 8:1. 

Albertin CB, Simakov O, Mitros T, Wang YZ, Pungor JR, Edsinger-Gonzalez E, Brenner S, Ragsdale CW, Rokhsar DS. 2015. The octopus genome and the evolution of cephalopod neural and morphological novelties. Nature. 524(7564):220-4.