Seminar: A History of Cell Molecular Biology

Course Dates: This course runs through Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4
Instructor: Karl Matlin
UChicago Course Numbers: (HiPS 25902, BIOS 29270, CHSS 34300, HIST 25511, HIST 35511) 

Course Description:

This course will trace the parallel histories of cell and molecular biology, focusing particularly on the 20th century. Through discussion, we will explore continuities and discontinuities between these fields and their precursors. In addition, we will strive to not only develop definitions of cell and molecular biology that are based upon their practices and explanatory strategies, but also to determine to what extent these practices and strategies overlap. Finally, we will examine the relevance of these definitions to current developments in biology. This seminar is not designed to be comprehensive, but rather to provide an overall framework for thinking about the historical development of and conceptual tensions between cell and molecular biology.